Spolek Zvěř

“What is fundamental for life in Karnola is the principle of sharing and community building, getting people to participate in the program and on the space’s operation.”


Spolek Zvěř (Society of Animals) was born out of the spaces of the former Karnola textile factory near the Hranice city center. In 2017, the local community put their wide array of craft skills to use and renovated the building. They created a unique space which has become a place for meeting and the cultural development of those who are interested in culture, art, ecology and civic life. Members of the association organize lectures, discussions, workshops, cultural and educational events, community events and activities which support neighborly spirit. It serves as a meeting place for the residents of Hranice and of the nearby area. The organizers try to create an inspiring environment intended for self-development, community building and activating the public to participation in municipal and community matters.