Aver Roma

The Aver Roma association was formed in 2011 and brought together the community of the Chánov suburb to organize the free time of children and youth.


The first activities on their program focused on sports, but it was later expanded to also include cultural events.

The association’s activities have been moved to the newly founded Aver Klub center, rented from the city, and they are further developing new activities for the new space. By founding the cultural center, the association wishes to make active an otherwise socially and locally isolated community of this peripheral suburb. The Aver Klub has become home for the Josef Serink Library (formerly the Romafuturismo Library) which was moved there after being active in Prague for two years. The association further wants to offer activities which will be attractive for the locals, especially for children and youth, but will at the same time strengthen and develop skills and foster relationships within the community. The intention is to use the space’s potential and to involve local residents in their activities who would become stable actors in the cultural center’s operation. The activities take their inspiration from artistic, literary and music workshops (with the rap workshop first and foremost), with workshops on audio, music and dance, fashion and recycling/upcycling, as well as the possibility for local seniors to regularly meet to discuss various topics, such as the local social politics and the possible community responses.