Bubahof is a Czech-French association of artists and curators. They formed during 2016 in one Strašnice courtyard, where a community of people shared living and working space, finally deciding to communally pool their experience from various artistic disciplines. The gradually renovated concrete courtyard has now become a small urban garden and experimental gallery and also a meeting place for artistic events and workshops. Because of its location in the inner courtyard of an apartment block, the space provides cultural stimulus to all nearby residents.

The association has recently begun looking at the development of community and cultural life in its locale, Strašnice. The first step was the visual rejuvenation of the nearby František Suchý Park, which the association acquired in 2020. It will feature a community (communication) space for artistic courses, workshops, lectures and screenings led by experienced artists and lecturers, and also neighborly activities focused on inter-generational dialogue and the exchange of information and skills.