These are two DIY Initiatives which have rejuvenated the local culture of Třešť in Vysočina. In May 2017, František Novák, a graduate of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts as well as a musician, dramatist and visual artist, started organizing informal exhibitions of contemporary artists in the show-case window of a former department store on Třešť’s Roosevelt Street. The space also hosted other events of a cultural and community-oriented type. It was provided by a local firm at a time when the building was offered for sale, and the project was always understood to be temporary. Another infusion of culture into Třešť’s social life comes from the project Dederova Kola (Dedera’s Bikes). Pavel Forst and Tomáš Niederhafner have been encouraging their fellow citizens to use their bikes free of charge. They receive them as donations and repair them for communal use.