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Synth Library

Synth Library is a Prague-based independent initiative with international ambitions, led by musician, curator, music publicist and activist Marie Čtveráčková, alias Mary C. The synthesizer library has been active in Prague since 2018, and is the first library of its kind modeled on the original American S1 Synth Library in Portland (Oregon, US), founded by Alissa DeRubeis. It is a space for experimentation, sound art, composition, and theory. The library is run on a strictly not-for-profit basis, and cultivates a communal atmosphere with a strong educational focus catering to children, adults, as well as the expert and general public. The courses focus not only on the creation of electronic music, but also on the promotion of bringing otherwise forgotten music technologies to light. The organizers link their library to an international network of residency and exchange programs, and they also participate as pedagogues, as for example at the Superbooth festival in Berlin. Mary C. and Martin Tvrdý’s traveling recording studio hosts workshops in excluded localities, social centers and orphanages. In organizing their course, they also collaborate with Aeroškola, a project for audiovisual education.