Visual and performance artist Morgan O'Hara will present new work developed during her residency at the Agosto Foundation at a new exhibition opening September 2. The event includes a crash course in the martial art Aikido and the creation of one of O'Hara's well known Live Transmissions.


O’Hara seeks to make time itself visible, space and movement being aspects of the experience of living. In 1975, the artist began her Time Studies, a series of charts and diagrams that serves as a daily autobiographical record as well as a reflection on meaning. She began Portraits for the Twenty-First Century shortly thereafter, tracking the geographic displacement pattern of 155 individuals on the surface of the planet. In her Live Transmissions series, O'Hara uses both hands to follow the movement of a living subject or subjects as graphite line drawings.

Concurrent with her residency at the Agosto Foundation, O’Hara has also been creating and performing work at the Rŭcni papírna Velké Losiny, a 419-year-old Czech handmade paper mill. A parallel exhibition at Hole Gallery features unprocessed field recordings from the mill by Stanislav Abrahám.

Please join us for refreshments and discussion with O’Hara about her work on this very exciting evening in Prague.