Tonic Train at Sanatorium Dźwięku festival

17-19 August, 2018
Sokołowsko, Poland

The Sanatorium Dźwięku festival in Sokołowsko, Poland, will feature our current artists-in-residence, the electronic duo Tonic Train (Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann).


Sanatorium Dźwięku is a festival devoted to experimental contemporary music and broadly understood sound art. Its main aim is to present possibly the widest spectre of phenomena related to the development of musical forms in 20th and 21st centuries. So far they were presented realisations of about 120 artists from all over the world. Many of them were created especially for the context of the place during artistic residencies in Sokołowsko.

The festival does not only include concerts but also an array of realisations from the border of sound art, performance and projects created and dedicated especially to this event by musicians, composers and interdisciplinary artists. The festival takes place in a several places in Sokołowsko little town (Movie theatre Zdrowie, Multimedia Hall, Spring Park or the ruins of 19th century sanatorium). Every year, the festival gathers over 400 visitors from all over the world. The festival is curated by Zuzanna Fogtt and Gerard Lebik in cooperation with the curator of sound art Michał Libera.

Among invited artists there are such names as: Rasha Ragab, Christoph Nicolaus, Peter Rehberg, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Oramics, Martyna Poznańska, Ute Wassermann, Lee Patterson, Aki Onda, Keith Rowe, Izabela Smelczyńska, Valerio Tricoli, Teoniki Rożynek, Michał Libera, L’tronica Festival, Sébastien Branche, Mikko Savela, Monika Zyla, D’inise, Cyril Bondi, Gerard Lebik, Lucio Capece, Maciej Ożóg, Paweł Romańczuk, Kondensator Przepływu, Mariusz Knysak, Matěj Frank, Daniel Brożek, Lukaś Jirićka, Zuzanna Fogtt, Paweł Szroniak, Kama Sokolnicka, Wilhelm Bras, Tomasz Opania, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, GRINM.