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Za Opavu

The association Za Opavu (For Opava) is a long-standing project which has built itself a profile as a general organizing force behind Silesia’s local cultural and social scene. The main goal of the association is to protect the cultural heritage, natural environment and healthy living conditions of the city of Opava and environs. The association systematically maps and protects the region’s threatened historical sites, and has also published the Children’s Guide to Historical Sites. Members of the the association actively figure as the cultural political opposition to municipal authorities, offering their commentary on how culture is conceptualized in Opava, as well as on the city planning projects.

Since 2007, Za Opavu has bestowed the J.M. Olbrich Award for high-quality architectural projects, and has also worked to evaluate the region’s renovation and construction works. Every year, they organize the Opavské noční kupé (Opava Night Train) which is a variation on the worldwide Pecha Kucha Night gatherings. The society’s members collaborate with the region’s important artistic and cultural initiatives (such as Bludný Kámen, a 2017 Perpedes laureate). The focus of Za Opavu’s program also includes various activities such as film screenings, urban camps and children’s education, administration, and a community garden educational program.