Elena Veljanovska is a freelance curator and cultural project manager from Macedonia who takes inspiration from cultural theory and the humanities, the development of digital technology, sciences, and politics with an emphasis on the politics of memory.


In her work, she intercedes between the two roles of curator and producer, by, on the one hand conceptualizing exhibitions, a discursive theoretical program, and research; and on the other, cultural production and collective work with various organizations and individuals.

Veljanovska seeks to combine these broad interests, undertaking projects that address these topics by either answering questions, asking new ones, or serving as the basis for research on a certain topic. Insoding, she ascertains that the projects she creates or joins emphasize valuable insights and approaches to art and culture from the socio-political reality in which we live. Actively working in the cultural sector since 2003, Veljanovska has been part of several non-profit organizations, as well as a co-founder and artistic director of Line I+M, a platform for new media art and technology (2006-2012).

Veljanovska was also actively involved in shaping the Association for Independent Cultural Scene Jadro (“Core”) from Macedonia (2009-2017). Since 2012, she has been the executive director and programme curator in the organization Kontrapunkt in Skopje. In 2016, together with Iskra Geshoska, she developed the CRIC Festival for Critical Culture, which takes place in Skopje, Macedonia. The aim of the festival is to bring together participants from various fields of interest, such as philosophers, sociologists, art and cultural theorists, artists, etc., in order to create space for an exchange of critical thought and learning, and also to experiment in establishing collaborative production.

Elena Veljanovska will divide her residency time to focus on two subjects. One is the promotion of the CRIC Festival for Critical Culture. She will focus on meeting local actors with similar initiatives with the goal of creating possible collaborations.

The second consists of research for a discursive project called The Future of Memory. This research will focus on contemporary types of digital memory production and the digital habits and possibilities of remembering, and attempt to compare it with the mechanisms and methodology of selection, processing end editing of what is being remembered through various fields such as history, the neurosciences, psychology, etc. The Future of Memory is a follow-up to previous research in the field of politics of memory of the past in the public space, and its aim is to gather information and combine research in the field, which will feed our curiosity about how the memory of the past could have an affect in shaping the memory of the future.

In addition, Veljanovska’s research will reflect upon these subjects in the field of art to create possible connections for a future project.

Residency period

5 February 20188 March 2018

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