Agosto Foundation was initiated in 2013 with the goal of supporting and developing social and cultural programs, as well as building enduring relationships between disciplines.


We run a number of projects that contribute to a closer integration of art and cultural activities in relation to the different social groups and communities of both local and regional scope. We are active on public online media, offering information about interesting projects, organizing lectures, screenings and creative residencies for artists and theorists.

By means of the Perpedes Grant Progame, we distribute grants to individuals, activities and communities focused on the discovery, testing and implementation of new approaches to social and environmental issues, and which further raise awareness of these issues among these participants and society at large.

Our vision is for a society where critical arts, cultural practices and sciences become integral parts of a natural form of development that responsibly investigates the origins of everyday social phenomena and processes.

We believe in catharsis and the power of art as a means of rebirth, and we understand it as an integral part of the healthy development of each person, as well as any multicultural society based on the values of mutual respect and understanding.

You can support the foundation as a whole, or choose the specific project that best suits you.

Your generosity makes what we do possible.

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