Acoustic Ecology

Exploring the Aural World
An Acoustic Ecology Reader
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Hermit Foundation and Center for Metamedia Plasy

Documentation from the CMP Archives
1992 – 1999

Speculative Ecologies

The Fertile Ground Between Art and Ecology
Speculative Ecololgies (2019) – cover image-cover-page-001.jpg

Prague: An Introduction

Studiolum Free University by Tamás Sajó

An Atlas of Obscure Particulars

The Papers of Antonín Ziegler, Maker of Pipes from Krásná Hora by Havlíčkův Brod
A meditation on a lost world of paper communication
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Cinema Ponrepo

Screenings sponsored by Agosto Foundation
Spring 2020 Program
Disappearing of Essence: Endangered Places
The Ancient Woods (Sengirė) 2017. A film by Mindaugas Survila-the_ancient_woods_3-crop-.jpg

Excavating the Future

An Archaeology and Future of Moving Pictures: A Case Study in (Un)Archiving Unstable Media
Vilém Flusser. Photo: Josef Snobl-vilem-flusser-by-josef-snobl.png

Frontiers of Solitude

Na pomezí samoty
Transformations of the landscape and the close connections between our post-industrial civilization and nature
Frontiers of Solitude - Na pomezí Samoty-6-earth.jpg


vs. Interpretation: the Book

Sonic Circuits

Accompanying program to the exhibition Sounds / Codes / Images: Audio Experimentation in Visual Arts
4 June – 13 October, 2019
GHMP Stone Bell House / Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

Soundworms Ecology Gathering

22 — 24 September 2017
Media collection

The Válová Sisters

From Obscurity to Rediscovery
Jitka a Květa Válová-valovy-doktorat-042.jpg

Upsych316a: Universal Psychiatric Church

Opera Omnia of The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture (JSD)

vs. Interpretation

24.7 – 1.5 2016
Archive of Festival Website

vs. Interpretation 2014

Documentation of the Festival and Symposium held in Prague with participants from around the world
vs. Interpretation 2014 Festival-vsi2014.png

vs. Interpretation 2016

On site Interviews
Improvisational Musicians and Composers Speak About Their Work
vs. Interpretation 2016

Architecture and the Senses

Seminar, Workshops and Performances
12–14 October 2018
Plasy Monastery