Access to cultural heritage is fundamental to an educated and open society, and for maintaining a balance between the common and higher interests at play in the public sphere.


Philanthropy and public funding have supported this in various ways throughout history, and for this reason, the online archive of Agosto Foundation provides open access to its collections to historians, students, scholars, and the interested public. The foundation makes its collections of works in the contemporary Czech arts scenes available in various media through its online media archive. In addition, we offer a limited-access physical library, which may be browsed (by appointment) at our office on Vojtěšská Street.

Our focus is on various private archives, and as a result, we keep adding resources, much of which has never been published, for exploration, study and rediscovery in our continually growing Mediateka. One recent example: we are now researching the archive of photographs by Daniel Šperl, who documented the activities of the Hermit Foundation and the Center for Metamedia during the Plasy Monastery symposia of 1992-1999, a collection which also includes audio recordings from Plasy and videos documenting the first two Hermit symposia.

We are constantly on the lookout for dedicated volunteers willing to provide their attention and organizational abilities to assist this department. If you are interested, please contact us.