The ArtMap Bookstore opened in September 2016 in Prague as the result of a partnership between the Agosto Foundation and the ArtMap association.


The book store, the foundation’s offices and the foundation residency space share premises on Vojtěšská Street. The Artmap Bookstore specializes in publications on art, culture, and alternative scenes, both local and abroad, and it also features unique books for children.

The Agosto Foundation’s decision to support the creation of the book store and become partners with ArtMap stems just as much from its stock of rare publications as it does from the undeniable significance of ArtMap and its activities in the community of which it is a part.

Since 2008, ArtMap has regularly printed an informative map of exhibitions and events that take place in Brno and Prague, together with a website that extends its coverage to the entire Czech Republic. In this way, ArtMap provides a sense of unity and coherence to the wide range of events taking place in the country’s largest cities and, just as importantly, outside the urban space. In addition, ArtMap hosts a range of its own events that strengthen and contribute to its community.