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Otevřené muzeum

The Open Museum (Otevřené Muzeum) is a loose association consisting of local inhabitants, initiating year-round activities which aim to rejuvenate and “make present the genius loci” of the small Giant Mountain (Krkonoše) village of Horní Maršov.

The region, which had been significantly impacted by the forced post-war relocation of the German-speaking population of the former Sudetenland, has long suffered from population fluctuation, with a resulting indifference towards shared civic topics, upkeep of the local historical sites, and cultural and social life. The aim of the association is to foster a closer relationship of the inhabitants to their locale by means of locally-flavored artistic projects, in order to bring the locals together around shared activities and caring of for their public space. The group consists mostly of graduates from art schools, some of whom are also natives of the town.