“We want to show that even small, individual initiatives can contribute to the edification of society in their own way.”


Krajinou Přílivu (Tideland) is an association which builds on autonomous civic initiative and which gradually formed around 2014. It organizes socio-cultural events for various segments of the public. The first project was focused on post-industrial space, and the following years saw the addition of events dedicated to social and artistic topics. Krajinou Přílivu has organized photographic, sculptural and educational exhibitions (e.g., important people or anniversaries from the history of Czechia), film screenings, meetings with experts and with the public. Since 2018, they have closely collaborated with Sdružení Serpens, based in the Palmovka synagogue.

The topic of historical memory and its transmission to later generations is very important for Krajinou Přílivu, as is the updating of such memory in light of new understanding gleaned from contemporary research. Their objective is to remind, reproduce and rejuvenate historically important, as well as forgotten, situations, persons and stories, while always retaining a critical distance from the subject matter.

The association’s ambitions are to raise consciousness about particular topics in contemporary ways and to work with information in a manner which supports humanist values.