Romafuturismo Library

Library Opening and Reading Marathon
1 February 2018, 7 AM – …

The Romafuturismo Library and An Open Invitation
Dittrichova 13, Praha 2



7 AM-7 PM – reading marathon of the book I Was Born Under a Happy Star
7 PM – opening party with a selection of music by Mary C

Reading marathon

Lasting the entire day, there will take place a reading marathon of the book I Was Born Under a Happy Star by the important Roma writer Elena Lacková. We will begin the reading at 7 AM, and after in intervals of 30 minutes, the reader will pass the book to the next reader. Various invited guests, fellow workers and simply friends of the project will take part in the event as readers.

Romafuturismo Library

Romafuturismo is a library of Roma literature with the goal of emancipating the ethnicities and cultures which have been subject to discrimination. This collection of works by Roma writers arose gradually thanks to the initiative of Ladislava Gažiová, who consulted activists and experts in Roma affairs with regard to the selection of works. We are mainly interested in collecting works by European authors, though we are planning to venture beyond the boundaries of our continent. We also want to include books on Roma culture, emancipation and postcolonial studies applicable to the particular problems of the Roma people.

We regard the library as a platform for encountering cultural and political topics, presenting authors and Roma personalities, etc. The primary aim of the library is to involve the Roma community, who should become the main actors in all discussions.

Concept and project initiator: Ladislava Gažiová

Knihovna Romafuturismo
Dittrichova 13/349, Praha 2

Tranzit je iniciativa v oblasti současného umění, jejímž hlavním partnerem je nadace ERSTE.
Tranzit is an initiative in the field of contemporary art whose partner is the ERSTE Foundation.
Otranzitos hin inicijativa andre adaďiveseskero umelecko džaniben u lakero angluno partneris hin e nadacija ERSTE.

Podpora / Support/ O vast dine: nadace Agosto Foundation, Ministerstvo kultury ČR Magistrát hl.m. Prahy, MČ Praha 2.

The opening of the Romafuturismo Library takes place with the support from the Perpedes Grant program of the Agosto Foundation.

Drawings by Alexey Klyuykov, photographer unknown.

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