Grant Program






Uutěrky (“At the Dish Towel”) is small graphic studio focused primarily on smaller projects and authorial illustration, in addition to other, wide-ranging artistic projects.

Based on their personal professional activities, Uutěrky focus part of the concept of its program on workshops, introducing invited guests to the local residents. Last year, the duo of Mjk and Fjk (Martin Krkošek and Pavla Byrtusová) began building the infrastructure for a community and cultural center. They successfully contacted the municipality representatives, who decided to support the project by renting out the municipally-owned former sawmill for a very small sum. The wide meadow around the saw mill will gradually be transformed into a community park, which will facilitate the organization of planned, open-air events. The final form of the park will be decided based on the outcome of discussions among the Návsí residents themselves.