Upcoming Screenings

at the Cinema Ponrepo

Wild Plants. Nicolas Humbert (2016, CH/DE, 108 min.)
19 January 2018, 8 PM

Director Nicolas Humbert will introduce the screening, before which there will be a short discussion with guests Petr Gibas (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences), Radka Pokorná (Kokoza) etc. Through a polyphonic narrative structure, Wild Plants draws multiple portraits of those who are abandoning the comfort of the consumer society and returning to the earth, in order to create new ways of being together and being in the world.

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City of the Sun. Rati Oneli (2017, GE/US/QA/NL, 100 min.)
13 February 2018, 8 PM

The Prague premiere of Rati Oneli’s widely acclaimed documentary film. Chiatura is a city in Western Georgia. There was a time when it was responsible for supplying 50% of the world’s manganese and, at its peak, the mine employed up to 10,000 workers. Today, with drastically reduced manganese production, dangerous working conditions and little prospect for any improvement, it is well on its way to becoming a ghost town.

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Veronika Romhany - final installation-Veronika_Romhany_final_installation_1.jpg

Romhány Opening and Hlaváč Performances at Punctum

Nedotýkejte se toho, prosím / Let’s entropy

Opening of a Multichannel video installation by Veronika Romhány
31 January 2018, 7 PM, Punctum
Performances by Marek Hlaváč

The product of Veronika Romhány’s artistic residency takes the form of another mystifying “collaboration” with the fictional Russian artist Věra Nimova. A multi-channel video installation uncovers other dark and unpredictable facets fo Nimova’s problematic personality. The event will also include performances by Marek Hlaváč, with audience participation.

7:00 PM – A series of performances by Marek Hlaváč
9:00 PM – Opening of Nedotýkejte se toho, prosím / Let’s entropy by Veronika Romhány

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Recently, we sat down with Veronika Romhány for an in-depth interview in which the artist talks about her work and thinking in detail. Along the way, she describes her experiences in Prague and the political situation in her home city of Budapest. (English only).

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Elena Veljanovska - Public-Private taking space, making space - Skopje

Elena Veljanovska

Curatorial Residency

Elena Veljanovska is a freelance curator and cultural project manager from Macedonia who takes inspiration from cultural theory and the humanities, the development of digital technology, sciences, and politics with an emphasis on the politics of memory. In her work, she intercedes between the two roles of curator and producer, by, on the one hand conceptualizing exhibitions, a discursive theoretical program, and research; and on the other, cultural production and collective work with various organizations and individuals.

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Renovation Opens New Horizons for Pilsen Space

Moving Station / Johan Society

The Moving Station cultural center is easily accessible by train – you get off, cross the street, and you’re there. It is situated in one of the previously functioning halls of Pilsen’s south side (Jižní předměstí). The railway company currently uses only one of the halls, while in the other, thanks to years of devoted work on the part of the Johan Society, there now exists a budding contemporary cultural platform with a high level of quality.

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Markéta Othová

Babiččin pásek z letních šatů
Grandmother’s Belt from a Summer Dress

Opening: 24 January 6 PM
Exhibiting: 25 January — 30 April, 2018
Curator: Petr Hrůza

Grandmother’s Belt from a (1930s) Summer Dress belongs to a series of things which have been scanned by Markéta Othová, beginning in 2004. Prints, pictures, fabrics, different kinds of clothing and her favorite objects are converted into images. The objects are scanned at a scale of 1:1 on A4 paper, a sort of archive serving as Othová’s personal means of liberating herself from things. These scanned images in their natural colors represent a departure for this author, who had until 2004 been working exclusively in black and white photography.

Tapeta Gallery is on the ground floor at Vojtěšská Street 18, Prague 1. Hours: Monday-Friday 11-19h, Saturday 12-18, closed on Sundays and public holidays. Tapeta Gallery is a joint project of ArtMap and The Agosto Foundation.