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Soundworms Ecology Gathering

A Call for Participation
Location: Mariánské Radčice, Czech Republic
22 — 24 September 2017

Mariánské Radčice/Maria Ratschitz is an old village near Most, about 80 km from Prague. The town and surroundings, which include a recently reconstructed Baroque church, are suffused with the ceaseless noise that emanates from the strange earthworks which lay just beyond the trees – the Bílina open pit lignite mines.
The Soundworms Ecology Gathering is a three-day meeting of minds which will bring together artists, activists, scientists and scholars to discuss and exchange ideas concerning acoustic ecology and similar topics. The program will feature: discussions, soundwalks, excursions, and other activities.

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The Skins of Things

A Screening of Films by Hanna Rose Shell
13 June 2017, 8 PM at Cinema Ponrepo

Hanna Rose Shell, a filmmaker and historian of science and technology, will be taking part in a number of events during her upcoming residency in Prague, including a 13 June screening of her experimental and documentary films at the Bio Ponrepo. Shell’s film work deals with many commonly discussed topics, such as the clothing industry, recycling, and camouflage. These works also explore more general subjects like locomotion and the relationship between the past and the present, as well as  the issue of analog versus digital media.

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An Interview with Hans van Koolwijk

vs. Interpretation 2016

Our video series continues with this interview of Hans van Koolwijk, who, after 16 years, returned to Prague to present his work for inflated balloons and bamboo flutes at the National Gallery at Veletržní Palác. In addition, he also performed the work Bambuso Sonoro on his self-created musical instrument, a bamboo pipe organ, in the former Electric Works Building in Prague’s Bubeneč. Thanks to the kind permission of Jiří Jiráček, we can now see an archival recording van Kollwijk’s performance of Bambuso Sonoro from the year 2000, which took place as part of the exhibition Nest of Games at the Rudolfinum, in addition to a 2016 video interview, recorded at the Electric Works Building by Dominik Žižka.

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