Lecture and Presentation by Martin Howse
1 September 2020, 6 PM
Artmap Bookstore

Martin Howse will present the new work Particles, the background behind it, and talk about his collaboration during his Agosto Foundation residency with director Johana Ožvold on the feature film Pilgrim.

Particles presents a new work, designed and prototyped by Martin Howse during his Agosto Foundation residency. Howse, a media artist and psychogeophysicist, was inspired by vapours, fumes and chimney smoke, as well as rotting snakes, and burning forests. Particles explores the measurement, mapping and sonification of the energetic movement of particles (radiation, smog, dust, fog, steam, human breath, smoke) under highly controlled environmental situations.

Martin Howse is a British programmer, writer, performer, artist and explorer, working in the fields of discourse, speculative hardware (environmental data in open physical systems), code (an examination of layers of abstraction), free software and the situational (performances and interventions). More about the artist can be found here.

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Aether (2019) – A film by Rûken Tekeş-aether-3.jpg


A film by Rûken Tekeş
7 September 2020, 8:30 PM
Cinema Ponrepo

Happily, we have been able to re-schedule this screening, which had to be cancelled earlier this year due to the state of emergency of COVID-19. Please re-join us at Cinema Ponrepo for our return to the silver screen.

The film will be briefly introduced by art historian Dr. Tamás Sajó.
After the screening, there will be a question-and-answer session via Skype with the film's director, Rûken Tekeş.

Hasankeyf is set in a land of breathtaking nature, forms and landscape. A cave-city of ancient Mesopotamia with at least 12,000 years of historical, cultural and ecological significance located in Kurdish region of Turkey beside the river Tigris, Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley meet nine of the selection criteria used by UNESCO to select sites included on the World Heritage List, but the Turkish government refused to apply for its recognition. Unfortunately, the destruction of this place, important not only for the history and culture of Turkish Kurdistan, but also for world heritage, has already begun, despite protests by local residents and their efforts to include the area in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Inferior Geology

Martin Howse

Inferior astronomy is another way of naming transformative methods for working with plants and with metals. Astronomical discourses are re-interpreted as referring to the terrestrial; planets become metals. It’s an historic analogy, a set of identities or transformations which help to make sense of certain early texts treating the planets in mineral and muddy terms and as, at odds with the celestial, undergoing earthy and earthly process.

An essay by our artist in residence Martin Howse, part of the project Speculative Ecologies.

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Martin Howse
PIO Dynamo minifestival
22–24 July, 2020

As his contribution to the PIO Dynamo minifestival, resident artist Martin Howse presented “a set of actions and invocations for contemporary augury or divination, for night visions and for dream incubation.” Inspired by vapours, fumes and smoke from chimneys and rotting snakes, burning forests, pure piercing notes and colours, The Final Session decodes earth and air signals through un-refined electronics and the manipulation of earth-bound electrons, dusts, smokes and fogs, impulses and waves.

Presented as part of the PIO Dynamo festival, three days of concerts, sound art, video, electronic music, and sound/movement improvisation in the unique setting of Prague’s Invalidovna, organized by Prague Improvisation Orchestra (PIO), Studio Alta and Agosto Foundation.

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Trigger Live Essentials-trigger-live-essentials.jpg

Our summer tips / Naše letní tipy (II.)

Synth Library Prague invites you to Punctum
Sunday, 6 September 2020 from 16:00 — 23:00


Myšlenky a zvuky, kterými žijeme, a na kterých stavíme. Přijďte poslouchat i diskutovat. TRIGGER ESSENTIALS

TRIGGER COLLECTIVE is launching the ARCHIVE to discuss the Essentials! After the last Trigger de con struction event comes the process of building. LET'S BUILD a shared living archive of ideas, that are often being muted, not discussed properly or misunderstood. Join the process of LEARNING AND UNLEARNING with us. Let’s create a COMMUNITY, a coalition. Imagine and search for the materials and strategies we want to build from and on.

More: punctum.cz/event/trigger-live-essentials

Symposium Trsy
krajina – technologie – umění
18.-19.9 v Farmstudio

Symposium TRSY s drobnou prolukou volně navazuje na stejnojmenný festival, který proběhl ve Lhotce u Berouna.

Způsob trávení tohoto léta je poněkud rozmarný a proto chceme přidat něco k jeho rozpustilosti, zadumanosti ale i zastavení a uchování.

Symposium TRSY má ve svém středu krajinu, anthropocentrický masiv reflexe a tvrdohlavosti, ke které se vztahujeme jako k prostředku, kterou vykořisťujeme, které skládáme obětiny v podobě bůžků z opotřebovaných drátů. Zajímají nás především umělecko-vědecké způsoby, skrze které je možné se ke krajině vztahovat, uchopovat ji, posouvat ji - ne však za hranice udržitelnosti - směrem k symbiotickému stavu, jehož středem bude anthropos uvědomující si, že krajina je jeho součástí nebo partnerem k dialogu.

Symposium bude prezentovat současné umělecko-vědecké přístupy ke krajině, veřejnému prostoru, udržitelnosti a s tím spjaté technologicko-technické přístupy - to formou přednášek, kulturně vědeckých procházek, performance a happeningů.

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