Inverse Mindset

Works by Julien Maire and Robert Vlasák
19 July – 2 September, 2018
Galerie AMU (GAMU)

This exhibition sheds light (and shadows) on a hidden narrative of optical and kinetic apparatuses. It brings together five works by two artists who have developed a particular, media-archeological approach to the aesthetics and ideology of the analog technology of the past, seen from the digital era. French artist

Julien Maire (1969) de-constructs and re-invents analog apparatuses and gives them a pataphysical slant. At GAMU, three of his works are on exhibit. These include The Man at Work (2014), an installation based on the stop-motion animation of a sequence of stereolithographic three-dimensional figures running in a loop. A similarly maverick cinematographic machine is his Instantanées (1998).

Robert Vlasák (1978) exhibits two assemblages: the sound sculpture Sirene (2017), an acoustic generator, based on an invention by August Seebeck (1805-1849); and a new kinetic sculpture entitled Vrtuloid constructed from a collection of car engine fan blades arranged on a shaft and suspended from the ceiling.

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Picnic with Tonic Train

26 July, 2018, 5 PM
Concert, City Gallery of Pardubice

Picnic Thursdays is an event organized by the City Gallery Pardubice in cooperation with Offcity, which has been running an artist residency program for domestic and foreign artists for several years. This year artists from other parts of Czech Republic, and also from Bulgaria and China will come to Pardubice to participate. The duo Tonic Train, currently guests of the artist residency program of the Agosto Foundation, will also join the picnic, comprising an evening of presentations by artists and collaborators, and discussions (not only) about art and cooking.

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Architecture and the Senses

Seminar, Workshops and Performances
12–14 October 2018
Plasy Monastery

Open call for participation

Acoustics, much like light, or space, whether in the landscape or in architecture, actively influences our emotional state and our way of thinking. Sound orients us in both time and space, fine-tuning our social connections, constituting a discourse which we have begun to revisit only in the last few decades. As invisible as is radiation or microchemical contamination, acoustic pollution is a factor with a palpable impact on the crisis-state of today’s environment. We are inclined to underestimate its urgency, and have consistently failed to develop the political, social and technical tools to limit the broad impact of all forms of pollution, including acoustic pollution.

The goal of this interdisciplinary gathering of specialists and the interested public is to foster a discussion about the relationship between architecture, art, ethology, and social and environmental issues, to focus on intersections between aesthetics, ethics, acoustics of architecture, geometry, natural science, the humanities and art.

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MUHÚ – Microfestival of Art, Mountains and Valleys

30 July – 4 August, 2018
Turnovská Chata, Jizera Mountains

The third iteration of the MÚHÚ mini-symposium and festival will once again take place in late summer. The main theme is still open, but the organizers are keeping their focus on cultivating a positive attitude towards nature and the environment. The festival’s organizers are especially focusing on creating a learning environment for children of different age groups. From Monday to Saturday, daily workshops will be held under the guidance of lecturers and assistants. There will be workshops in ceramics, theater, free creation in nature, musical improvisation, and much more.

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Romani Culture in the Spotlight

An Interview with Gwendolyn Albert

Vít Bohal speaks with Gwendolyn Albert about issues concerning the Romani people. Albert is a journalist and activist who has been living and working in Prague since the mid-1990s, and she shares with us her insights into the current status of Romani acceptance in Czech society.

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Currently Open Calls from the Agosto Foundation

Perpedes Grant Program: Call for Nominations 2018

As part of its grant program Perpedes, the Agosto Foundation is requesting nominations from the general public for the support of the activities of individual artists, as well as for artistic or cultural projects.

Deadline for accepting nominations: August 15, 2018.

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Open Call for Artists and Researchers: Artist-in-Residence Program

The Foundation encourages and welcomes the participation of artists, curators and researchers from various backgrounds to apply for the support of projects which are in line with the mission of the Agosto Foundation and the declared objectives of the residency.

Deadline: August 15, 2018 for residencies taking place between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

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