Hermit I

Phonurgiae Liber
Symposium, Festival, Catalogue
April – June 1992
Plasy Monastery

"Even in the case of object, the boundaries are not clear. (...) But why argue? The Indians long ago knew that music was going on permanently and that hearing it was like looking out a window at the landscapes which didn´t stop when one turned away."

John Cage (A Year from Monday)

Hermit I, Plasy, 1992
Reconstruction and De-Archivization: Documentation based on the printed catalogue from the interdisciplinary symposium which took place in the Plasy monastery April – June 1992.
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"The arrangement, the subject and the course of the first international HERMIT work symposium, which took place in the former Cistercian Plasy monastery between May and June 1992, were determined by several circumstances. Primarily, the genius loci of the monastery complex which impressed everybody, both by it´s beautiful location in the valley and by its extraordinary architecture. If you walk inside the huge building of the convent or outside between the church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, or walk through the Baroque granary with the early Gothic King´s Chapel, or to the prelature or outer buildings on the bench of the river, everywhere you see that a timeless, relaxed atmosphere rules."

Miloš Vojtěchovský, 1992

"Everything was improvised, chaotic, optimistic. In December 1991, I visited Plasy after 10 years, and in January '92 I started to invite people to come to the location and the country, about which many of them didn´t know anything. The open situation created a dynamic gathering and event. We decided with Jana Šikýřová that it makes sense to continue and prepare a symposium for the next year. Jana Šikýřová, Jiří Kornatovský and Ivo Kornatovský helped with guests to provide decent working and living conditions. Quite many visitors came for the festival, from Prague, Pilsen and even abroad.

For the making of the catalogue I managed to get some small funding from The Ministry of Culture of the Czech and Slovak Republic and 2000 gulden from The Dutch Ministry of Culture. Everybody who came, worked on their own expenses, accommodation in the town or in the buildings of the monastery was for free. We spent a lot of time and energy with cleaning the rooms and spaces in convent and the granary."

Miloš Vojtěchovský, 2018


Karel Adamus, CZ; Pierre Berthet & Brigid Romano, BEL/IT; René Bogaerts, NL; Ad van Buuren, NL; Bram Cox & Mathias Klein, NL; Michael Delia, USA; Kristine Deray & C.O.I.L., AUS; Conrad van der Drieschen, NL ; Peter van der Ent, NL; Maria Evelein, NL; Fred Frith/Pavel Fajt, CZ; Luboš Dalmador Fidler, DE; Guadalupe Garcia Vasquéz, MEX; Hilary Vexil, NL; Tomáš Hlavina, CZ; Anna Homler, USA; Iris Honderdos, NL; Martin Janíček, CZ; Oldřich Janota, CZ; Wim Jans, BEL; Jiří Kornatovský, CZ; Harald & Daniela Kubiczak, DE; Guus Koenraads, NL; Edward Luyken, NL; Ronald Medema, NL; Zjos Meyvis, BE; Phill Niblock, USA; Jiří Olt, CZ; Baudouin Oosterlynck, BEL; Marian Palla, CZ; Paul Panhuysen, NL; Smíšené Pocity, CZ; Emil Pospíšil, CZ; Felicitas Rath, DE; Horst Rickels NL/DE; Miloš Šejn, CZ; Sluik/Kupershoek, NL; Orloj snivců, CZ; Martin Stroober, NL; Jan Svoboda, CZ; Svend Thomsen, DK; Marjo Többen, NL; Josephine Truman, AUS; Victor Wentink, NL; Marten Winters, NL; Zyklus, NL.

Audio cassette Hermit I. published as a supplement of the catalogue

This catalogue was published with the financial support of The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in Prague and of Het Ministerie van Welzijn Volkgezondheid en Kultuur of The Netherlands, Rijswijk.

Thanks to all those who helped during the realization


This catalogue was published on the occasion of the first Hermit symposium April-June 1992 at the Plasy Monastery, Bohemia
Organization: Galerie OKO, Jana Šikýřová (Památkový ústav v Plzni)
Curated and organized by Miloš Vojtěchovský, (Vojtěch Lahoda), Jana Šikýřová, Ivo Kornatovský
Catalogue concept and design by: Oko Production and Joska Skalník
Texts in the catalogue: Eric de Visscher, Miloš Vojtěchovský
Curation and conception of the symposium: Miloš Vojtěchovský, Vojtěch Lahoda, Paul Panhuysen
Translations: Miloš Vojtěchovský, Ellis, Bob Dunlop, Michael Delia, Gitta Douma
Editor: Jana Šikýřová
Assistants: Gitta Douma, Ivo Kornatovský
Photo credits: Iris Honderdos, Ivo Karásek, Daniel Šperl
Layout: Joska Skalník, Tomasz Gruszkowski
Recording of the concerts: Avik Plzeň, Jiří Sláma
Audio cassette mastering: Avik Plzeň
Print: Dragon Press Klatovy
© authors, Ⓟ Hermit 92

Published by the Hermit Foundation under the auspices of Památkový ústav v Plzni and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic.

Illustrations from Athanasius Kircher: Phonurgia, eine mechanistiche geheimverbindung der Kunst mit der Natur (9. Band der Musurgie Universalis, 1673) Athanasius Kircher: Neu Hall-und Tonkunst Filippo Bonannii: Cabinetto armónico Photo: Iris Honderdos, Daniel Šperl

Recording and production of the compact disc by Aleš Müller and Marián Palla, October 1992 in the st. Bernard chapel.